Help quantify and monitor liver damage in subjects with metabolic risk and fatty liver as well with viral hepatitis

Why is it important to monitor the severity of liver lesions in chronic hepatitis B and C patients?

  • Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) and C (CHC) are viral infections causing elementary liver lesions such as necro-inflammatory activity and fibrosis.
  • These lesions are major causes of chronic liver disease that may develop into cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • The stratification of liver lesions severity helps to avoid morbimortality due to the complication of Hepatitis during and after treatment.
  • The staging of liver lesions also helps to monitor the effectiveness of the antiviral medication and the surveillance for HCC after achieving SVR.

Why is LIVERFASt™ the right choice for monitoring CHB patients?

  • Provides long term prognosis value by stratifying fibrosis.
  • Offers higher negative predictive value than APRI*, FIB-4* and ARFI* in fibrosis and activity scores.
  • Outperforms ARFI* and FIB-4* to discriminate between chronic hepatitis and chronic HBV infection in both HBeAg+* and HBeAg-* patients
  • Identifies patients at risk of developing more severe disease.

Why is LIVERFASt™ the right choice for monitoring CHC patients?

  • Identifies cirrhosis and the risk of developing HCC.
  • Estimates necro-inflammatory activity more accurately than ALT*.
  • Identifies the fibrosis progression among SVR* patients.
  • Provides the best applicability compared to elastographic methods (98% vs 80%).

How does LIVERFASt™ work?

LIVERFASt™ monitors antiviral treatment effectiveness and post recovery regression in 3 simple steps.

*APRI = Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse; *FIB-4 = Fibrosis-4 (Age, ALT, AST and Platelet); *ARFI = Aspartate Aminotransferase to Platelet Ration Index; ALT* = Alanine Aminotransferase Test;
*SVR = Sustain Viral Response, *HBeAg+ = Hepatitis B e Antigen Positive, *HBeAg- = Hepatitis B e Antigen Negative.


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