Fibronostics is a healthcare technology company focused on transforming non-invasive solutions for early disease intervention.

Uniquely Positioned among Noninvasive technologies

A combination of broadly available biomarkers and neural network-based AI provides noninvasive diagnostic accuracy equivalent to biopsy.

Patented Technology

CPT Code: 0166U

Conformité Européenne

AI Technology-based

Ease of Use

A Healthcare Technology Company

Shaping the future of noninvasive diagnosis with artificial intelligence.

Complete Liver Diagnosis

LIVERFASt™ helps determine the degree of fibrosis, activity & steatosis in the liver of NAFLD patients from early stage to late stage disease.


Risk stratification among large patient populations allows for better management leading to cost reductions.


Noninvasive disease detection means earlier diagnosis and earlier intervention for better patient outcomes.


Regular surveillance with easily repeatable noninvasive diagnostics enables optimized disease management.

Noninvasive solutions for diagnosis, screening, and monitoring.