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The current standard of care is confined to late stage liver disease diagnostics and reactive intervention due to cost and safety concerns.  There is a need for a non-invasive, repeatable, proactive liver health diagnostic tool to help mitigate risk of more severe, irreversible complications ​


LiverFAStTM enables medical professionals to objectively understand liver health in a safe, non-invasive and cost-effective manner.  ​

Applicable Markets


Concierge Medicine​

  • Add a comprehensive liver evaluation to your practice and health programs​
  • Offer patients regular insight into their liver health, non-invasively and at a low cost​
  • Provide quantitative motivation for lifestyle change among patients​
  • Enable further mitigation of comorbidities and irreversible health complications 

Corporate Wellness​

  • Add a comprehensive, low-cost, non invasive liver evaluation to your health and wellness assessments for client populations​
  • Provide individuals with motivation and incentives, such as reduced insurance premiums, based on liver health status​
  • Provide clients with insight into their populations’ liver health to help mitigate more severe conditions and manage comorbidities, reducing additional healthcare spending ​

Dieticians and Nutritionists​

  • Provide clients with insight into their liver health and how it has impacted by their diet and lifestyle choices, non-invasively at a low cost​
  • Motivate clients by demonstrating the impact of dietary intervention on their liver health over time
  • Help clients mitigate comorbidities and irreversible health complications associated with diet and other poor lifestyle choices

Pharmaceutical Partners​

  • LiverFAStTM enables safe, low-cost, repeatable, non-invasive liver screen for injury (steatosis, inflammation and fibrosis) severity for clinical trials evaluating pharmaceutical intervention efficacy on liver health ​

Reach out to learn more about LiverFAStTM and how it can help your business.​

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