About Us

A brief history about our company


Low-cost and safe liver health evaluation and monitoring should be available for all

We are driven to change the world of liver healthcare for patients and medical professionals alike.

Why? Because the numbers speak for themselves.

Millions of people are unknowingly affected by liver disease, and due to the cost, inconvenience and potential risk associated with the current standards of liver health care, longevity and quality of life is jeopardized.

It's time to shift the paradigm: LiverFASt makes it possible for everyone to evaluate and monitor their liver health, take early corrective action and live long and healthy lives.

This is what drives us.

Our Mission

Applying the science of machine-learning and diagnostic-algorithms to improve human health globally


Leverage the benefits of the digital age to improve lives

Deliver high quality, life-improving disease evaluation and monitoring technologies

Provide all patients and doctors with the science of healthcare diagnostic-algorithms

Measure success by the lives improved

Patient-Focused... Always

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